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What legislation has Dan Helmer sponsored?

Sponsored bills to analyze whether veterans experience discrimination when attempting to obtain a home mortgage. Voted for a bill that would streamline the system of approving home loans for veterans. Here’s what Dan Helmer has been doing for veterans: Accomplishments together with votes :. Supported veterans in crisis through the Veterans Suicide Prevention Act. Voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which provided an added 437 million for Veterans Health Administration.

A vote for Dan Helmer is a vote for veterans. Don McEachin voted against border safety measures to secure the border and stop America safe. Don McEachin voted to abolish ICE which would jeopardize the security of our service participants as well as border agents. The money went to McEachin’s legal defense fund. This was reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Don McEachin voted against the Defense Spending Bill that supported troops, veteran pay raises, and military advantages.

McEachin’s brother today he is under federal indictment for bank fraud. Don McEachin voted against funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is not clear what these payments were for. This evaluation by the Federal Elections Commission reveals that Don McEachin has made more than 200 payments to his brother – who was convicted of fraud. A vote for Don McEachin is a vote against veterans.

Don McEachin refuses to talk about how he came into this money. HB3812: Virginia Clean Economy Act additional language appropriations. Provides that each electric public utility shall procure a certain percentage of electrical power purchased in the company’s service area solely from renewable and other given energy resources. Authorizes selected price decreases plus rate reductions. Allows for the recovery of increased costs of electric utility companies because of implementation of specified actions required pursuant to the Act.

SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: The Virginia Clean Economy Act- additional language- appropriations. Provides that any all new electrical utility organization restructured service field which consists of everything or maybe a part of a former energy public utility that has entered into an alternate energy portfolio standard settlement or maybe a fresh economy plan shall procure all electrical power sold in the service region exclusively from certain renewable and other specified energy resources starting on the particular date by which such alternative energy portfolio standard or maybe clean economy strategy is implemented.

Effective July one, twenty. Repeals particular provisions linked to an energy conservation and productivity plan. With this specific, there’s no real motive to vote for a third party person in this race. Virginia has a well established, bipartisan, and useful coalition legislature. Voter Identification: Yes, picture ID necessary for in person voting. You might possibly also want to enjoy candidates that are both progressive as well as independent.

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